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What Makes Celly Different?

The reality is that many female athletes and leagues, for various reasons, struggle to make ends meet. Celly offers a partial solution to this problem by sharing net revenue with pro sports. Using the power of social media each of us now has the opportunity to contribute to the overall health of those sports. Celly is not re-creating the wheel, it is simply redirecting advertising and service revenue from big tech pockets to athletes pockets.


Our sporting community is strong, lets come together at the grass roots and help solve the problem.


Trending- Stay up to date on all current highlights and must see plays

News Feed and For You Page- Follow other athletes, coaches, teams, etc and discover other posts and people that relate to your interests

Trending Highlights

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Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 3.15.50 PM.png

Custom Profiles

Athlete Info- Users can provide all the necessary info that recruiters need in their "About" section

Track Accomplishments- Post memorable events and create your own online trophy case


Filter Searches- Allows coaches and recruiters to search through all profiles using specific criteria

Notifications- Receive transparent notifications on who exactly is looking at your profile

Messages- Send and receive messages from verified coaches, athletes, and scouts on a professional platform

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Team Chats

Communication- Communicate quickly with team members, post team schedules and changes, highlights and pictures. 

Receive Notifications- find out what is happening right away

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